Interview with Comedian Mike Muratore

Mike Muratore

Mike Muratore

Get into the mind of a serial killer…

Of comedy.


Through my website, NULIFEONLINE.COM, I strive to always support those going for their dreams. It takes guts to follow your passion. It takes motivation to get up every day and live that passion, out loud. Today, I interview a man who has no problem getting loud.

I sat down for an exclusive interview with Comedian Mike Muratore.

A man who has paid his dues, not only in the comedy world, but in the journey of life.

They say comedians are crazy. They say comedians are self loathing. They say comedians lack social skills. I say, meet a man who wants all of you to go f#*k yourselves, and listen to what he has to say……….and enjoy the show.


Mike Muratore, born Miguel Roberto Martinez, started his journey of life in Elmhurst, in Queens, NY. His mother (who gave birth to Mike at the age of 16) is white. His biological father was Puerto Rican and black. His father passed away, years ago, to a drug overdose.


“My father was an entertainer. He also was a heroin addict”


Mike was subsequently raised by his mother, and his step father. Mike eventually took the name (Muratore) of his Italian stepfather. His stepfather was also an artist.


“My stepfather was a great painter. He was also into some illegal shit”


Throughout his early life, and into his teens, Mike grew up around a family of violence. Though living mostly in middle class to upper class neighborhoods, he none the less found himself around danger.


“I’ve seen dead bodies lying on the street. I’ve seen a lot of shit in my life”.


By the age of 8, Mike and his family had moved to a nice, middleclass area in Connecticut.

“I think my step father wanted to get far away from NY, and settle into a place where he couldn’t really be found”


During this stage of his young life, Mike remained a “little kid”, who constantly got into fights, at school, and in the neighborhood.


“I fought a lot growing up. I think I was one of three minorities in town. Nobody could figure out what the fuck I was, white, black, Hispanic……bottom line is, I was different. I think I was the 2nd smallest kid in my school”


Unfortunately for Mike, the fighting was not always just against his peers. Mike grew up a victim of emotional and physical abuse, in his own home. Mike found himself surrounded by loved ones who abused alcohol, and drugs.


Instead of being an outlet, school was more about fighting, then it was about learning for Mike.


“I was always smart, but I hated school. I was always fighting with some kid, and getting bullied”


As he started high school, Mike began to find his first outlet………martial arts.


“I became obsessed with Judo, Karate and boxing”.


Mike went on to become a Judo state champion during his high school year. He also went to become a high school graduate.


Mike later went on to college, for 2 years, at Western Connecticut State University. However, during his 2nd year, Mike was involved in a head-on car collision.


“I was drunk, and high at the time of the accident”


Mike broke numerous body parts, received numerous stitches, and spent the better part of 2 full years recuperating from his injuries. While in his last of 2 years in college, Mike found a new passion…….theater.


This passion for acting also later led Mike down the path of Stand-up Comedy. In the early 90s, Mike began performing standup.


After fully recuperating from his injuries sustained in the car wreck, Mike eventually moved out to California, where he still currently resides.


“ I quit comedy for 3 years (between ’99 and’02) and tried to be a normal person”


Then, in 2002, Mike through caution into the wind, and went back kicking and screaming (literally) into the world of comedy, and hasn’t looked back since.


During this time, Mike has taken numerous/random jobs out in California, including a waiter, personal trainer, and telemarketer.


He worked his way up the comedy ladder, from ‘MC’, to ‘opener’, to ‘feature comic’, to HEADLINER.


Mike began, early on, as an opening act for comedian Bob Zany. Mike has toured all around the country, playing numerous small clubs, and dive bars (“they called me the king of the shitholes”), learning the trade.


“I got a break one night in 2006 when the headliner backed out last minute. I got the promoter to put me up. I did an hour and 20 minutes on stage, and killed it?


Speaking of killing, so goes the thought process behind the idea of the moniker, ‘The serial killer of comedy’. Mike made a name for himself, on the road, at being infamous for the way he handled hecklers. As in life, Mike has taken the bullying of others, and turned it into a positive……mostly taking his respect by force, as necessary.


But it hasn’t been an easy journey.

“I spent 16 years doing comedy on the road….. I gained weight (up to 60 pounds), I made little money, but I learned a lot about the art of comedy”


Over the past few years, Mike has not only become a ‘Headliner’, but he has also made his way into Television. Mike has appeared in commercials, reality TV, voice work for animation, and has been involved in TV pilots.


Mike Also filmed a ‘Showtime special’, that never aired. However, due to ongoing efforts, hard work, and self promoting, a portion of his stand-up for this special found its way onto the airwaves in 2010, through Sirius XM satellite radio, on the Raw Dog station, where you can still hear it played now and again.


For more information on Mike, please check out his website:


So, what’s next for the serial killer of comedy?

“ I wanna get more involved in producing. Producing music, animation, TV shows, and continue acting”.

But, Mike will always have stand-up………….

“Stand-up is my MUSE”.


From physical violence at home, to verbal violence on stage, Mike Muratore has turned his anger, frustration and pain into an art form. He may never truly fit in anywhere, but all he needs is one MIC. The world is a stage. And he is still speaking, loud and clear. You might be offended. You might be afraid. You WILL be entertained.



“I live the life the way I want”


Mike currently lives in Tarzana, CA. where you can find him producing/performing shows at the Icehouse, Laugh Factory, Jon Lovitz, Sal’s Comedy Hole, and Flappers Comedy club.


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